Herculean Football Association





The how's and when's are to be determined, but the 'retro' leagues will be like the regular HFA leagues .... except, work their way backwards in time.  First 2004, then 2003, then 2002, then 2001, etc.  Imagine going into a draft KNOWING every rating/card/etc for the players in the draft pool?!?! 

Like the regular HFA ... it's unique in the SOM universe!!

Standings Seasons
League Leaders 2004
League Totals 2005
Takeaway/Giveaway 2006
Situational Yardage 2007
League Schedule 2008
Injury Report 2009
Record Book 2010
HPFL Team Stats
Vincent T. Lombardi Conference  George S. Halas Conference
East Division  East Division
Corellia Mavericks  California Sun
Gondor Royal Rangers  Cleveland Browns
Lake Erie Walleye  Kashykk Warring Wookies
Rivendell Fighting Elves  Hudson Spungos
Central Division  Central Division
Colorado Fat Tires  Kamino Cloners
Coruscant Stumbling Senators  Louisiana Alligators
Geonosis Giant Flying Bugs  Endor Evil Ewoks
Pacific Island Others  Shire Hungry Hobbits
West Division  West Division
Arizona Coyotes  Alderaan Bits and Pieces
Death Star Mouse Droids  Huntington Bulldogs
Misty Mountain Goblins  Georgia Rebels
Mustafar Hot Heads  Tatooine Jabbering Jawas
(bolded teams are human owned)

Wild Card Round        
   box play log
   box play log
   box play log
   box play log
Divisional Round   
   box play log
   box play log
   box play log
   box play log
Conference Championships   
   box play log
   box play log
2004 Super Bowl   
      box play log