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About the Herculean Football Association

I've had this is an idea about how college teams could be "farm teams" to a professional league, ever since I heard Strat-o-matic was coming out with Computer Football.  Until now it hasn't been possible, but since Strat has come out with Computer College Football ... I've decided to run with this idea:

The Herculean Football Association (HFA) consists of the Herculean Professional Football League (HPFL) and the Herculean Collegiate Athletic Association (HCAA).

The HPFL will have 24 teams and the HCAA will have 4 - 24 team conferences. Each HPFL team will have an HCAA team in each conference operating as a "farm team". Players that graduate college will "feed" the talent levels for the professional ranks.

There are 4 ways to be involved:

  • Franchise Owner - They essentially control all 5 teams (1 professional and 4 collegiate) as much as they want. Franchise Owners may "hire" coaches or coach/GMs for any of their teams to relieve the burden of having to coach 5 games a week. (I am open to other ideas to alleviate the need to coach 5 games a week … like different auto-play options).
  • Owner/GM/Coach - They run the ship for that given team.  People may Own/GM/Coach only 1 team per conference/league.  Ex:  Owner A may Own/GM/Coach Hawaii (in the Tri-Range Conference) and North Carolina (in the Colonial Conference).  Owner B may Own/GM/Coach the Rivendell Fighting Elves (in the HPFL) and Wisconsin (in the Big Midwest Conference).
  • Coach - they are hired by the "Franchise Owner" and come in and just play the games.
  • Drafting/Guest GM - because we have 'computer run' teams, I want them to be more attractive to potential owners.  So these participants show up for the draft and that's it.  Who doesn't love to draft?!?
Each conference/league will have a separate draft.

Check out the rules and give me feedback.